Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cinelli Only, For Cinelli Owners, Enthusiasts and Fans

This blog is for all the Cinelli owners, enthusiasts and fans around the world. In the next few days we'll begin with some Cinelli history and some interesting photographs.

By the way of introduction I should say that I am the owner of one Cinelli Super Corsa (1970) and one Cinelli Super Corsa Leggerissimo (1972). I am also the author of the ITALIAN CYCLING JOURNAL which covers Italian cycling from a to z.

I invite you to contribute by sending in photographs of your Cinelli bike, illustrations, personal stories, and articles about Cinelli bikes and components.

Thanks for stopping by.

Photo: Cino Cinelli autographed photo (courtesy David Beck)

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  1. Cinelli solo falsi e morti di fame con telai carbonella made in cina