Monday, July 27, 2015

Cinelli SC Restoration

James writes in with, "I wanted to share some photos of a recent restoration project – my first vintage bike project. The frame was a tired pre-loved 1972 SC with several coats of new paint but very sound. I embarked upon a period-correct restoration and the frame was completely stripped back and refinished with new chrome and period-correct paint and decals – the latter specially made by Cyclomondo based on research for a 1972 bike. At some point I perhaps unwisely got the idea to use only NOS parts and the next 18 months were spent sourcing the parts needed – quite a learning curve for someone unfamiliar with the variations that occurred in Campagnolo and other componentry in this era. I tried to ensure everything was accurate right down to the date on the hub lock nuts. The smell that comes out of original packaging when opening is addictive and the handmade parts of this era are like stunning pieces of jewellery. After the bike was assembled and these photos taken by Andy White at FYXO I thought my journey was finally over with a beautiful result. However since then several helpful vintage bike collectors have highlighted minor inaccuracies which have been progressively attended to in my quest for accuracy. Recent changes have included the seatpost clamp bolt (now version 2 instead of version 3), saddle (yellow text instead of silver), rear hub (no stamping on freewheel landing) and front derailleur (no-circlip) – there is one part I know to be still needing replacement which I am searching for and probably a few more than I have yet to learn about but there is plenty of time for that. I have learnt to accept that this Cinelli will remain very much an enjoyable work in progress which provides a focus for enjoyable dialogue with fellow passionate collectors and opportunity to exchange knowledge and stories. Of course being a Cinelli the opportunities for good stories are many. I hope you enjoy."

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