Friday, February 26, 2010

Cinelli Corsa 1957-58

Cinelli Corsa 1957-58:

Frame: 24” Cinelli Corsa frame number 5278; (1957/8) 72º x 72º; 23” top tube; 17 ¼ ” chainstays; 40¼” wheelbase; metallic green with chrome ends, head lugs and fork crown; ‘Campagnolo fork ends’ model (dearer than the other version);

Wheels: 27” Fiamme HP rims on Bayliss Wiley SF G/F hubs 32/40. Fitted 15–27t Regina freewheel and tracknuts

Chainset: Durax fluted on corners with double rings 47/50

Pedals: Campagnolo

Gears: Campagnolo 5-speed Gran Sport rear and Campagnolo Gran Sport ‘Matchbox’ front changer now with Campagnolo downtube levers

Brakes: Universal front and rear

Stem/Bars: Cinelli 10cm steel stem with badge fitted with GB Road Champion bars

Saddle Ideal: 45

Photos: courtesy of Peter, owner

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