Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cinelli "Laser" and Andrea Pesenti

My thanks, again, to reader Christoph who has provided additional information regarding the history behind the Cinelli "Laser".

The image above comes from an article in the December, 1984, issue of the German magazine TOUR. The article is about a cycling trip through Italy and includes a visit to Cinelli. The author and photographer, Carlson Reinhard, writes about this visit that they were escorted during the visit by Signor Chirico who studied under Master Valsassina for eleven years. He also wrote that Andrea Pesenti was the designer of the new Laser model and that he built them himself by hand in a private studio.

In the photograph (click to enlarge) Signor Chirico is far left. Andrea Pesenti is holding a Laser frame and Andrea Cinelli is fourth from left (in suit). The other two persons were not identified.

Note: this previous story referred to Gilberto Colombo as the designer behind the Cinelli Laser

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