Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ten Speed Drive Imports Cinelli Catalog

1980s catalog made by Ten Speed Drive Imports based in Florida. At that time Ten Speed Drive Imports main distributors of Italian cycling products from Campagnolo, Cinelli, Nisi, & many other marques. My thanks to dale Brown for the images.

Photos: click to enlarge

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  1. Angel do you know the year of this catalog?
    Thanks Filippo

  2. @Filippo: I looked at the poster image closer. The first page refers to "38 years". Cinelli considers itself to have begun in 1948 so that would place the poster circa 1986.

  3. It could be possible... but I have some doubts: the Laser's tubing are AIR (early '80s) and the Campa groups are Super Record and not C-Record (from 1986)... but don't worry is only a "maniacal" curiosity!!