Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cinelli Bivalent Hubs Close-ups

Thanks again to Stefan of www.speedbicycles.ch for giving me permission to use his photos.

The previous entry showed Stefan's 1968 Cinelli S. C. with bivalent hubs. Here are close-ups:

Courtesy of www.43bikes.com a photo with a wheel dismounted:

Note: The 1970 Ron Kitching Everything Cycling catalogue stated:

"Bivalent Interchangeable QR Hubs. As the name suggests the wheel will fit either front or rear. It is not dished and consequently it is a stronger wheel... The chain and freewheel and therefore the gear ratios remain undisturbed the whole time. For the rider supported by a service car it is only a question of how soon a spare wheel, and remember there cannot be any mistake as to which, may be obtained. For the non-supported rider a tubular can be changed in much less time -- particularly a rear. Initially designed for stage racing, a six man team needs only six spare wheels, where the advantages are obvious and time saving may be enormous, time trialling may also gain considerably from what may be described as the ultimate in quick release hubs. .... Remember -- here are the exclusive features of the Cinelli Bivalent Hubs- features which cannot be ignored by the modern racing man who insists on the absolute best in equipment. (1) Rapid and easy exchange of wheel - only five seconds (2) Rear wheel and front wheel or spare are all interchangeable. (3) Less broken spokes because of the wheels perfect tangency (4) Rear wheel is not dished and is therefore stronger and better balanced. (5) Front wheel offers less wind resistance. (6) Freewheel and chain are not disturbed and therefore gear ratios remain unchanged. (7) Easy replacement of the freewheel."

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