Monday, December 13, 2010

1968 Cinelli S.C. with Bivalent Hubs

My thanks to Stefan of for giving me permission to use his photos. Stefan's collection of bicycles is beautifully photographed.

This Cinelli is serial number 4274, made with Columbus tubing finished in cromovelato Mars red. It is equipped with a set of Cinelli bivalent hubs. Cinelli introduced this hub system in 1961 in which the front and rear wheels where interchangeable, and the freewheel remains on the bike during a wheel change. Read about Cino Cinelli's logic in creating these hubs:
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Other components include Cinelli bar/stem, Unicanitor saddle, Fiamme red label rims and Clement Criterium Seta Extra Cappuccetto Roso tubulars.

Seat tube c-c 59cm, top tube c-c 57cm, weight 10.2kg

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