Monday, December 27, 2010

1980s Cinelli "CX" ???

I am not familiar with the Cinelli "CX" model. Does anyone have any information about this model? These photos appeared on a recent France ebay listing with the statement, "it can be a CINELLI CX, impossible to know because the sticker is missing". 58cm. Notice that the top tube and downtube are crimped; tubing is Columbus SLX. You can click on photos to enlarge them.

I found another reference to a CX, in 56cm, which stated, "This is a very unusual Cinelli road frame from I think is from the early 80s. The lugs all have the Cinelli winged symbol as does the rear brake bridge and fork crown."

NOTE: From Cinelli this response, "Hi Angelo, I spoke to a few of my colleagues this morning and came to the conclusion with them that this frame is almost certainly a fake or unofficial Cinelli. We never used that lugset, but even more telling is the top tube with its “master” style shaping which is a give away that the tube is in fact not even Columbus but an Oria tube shaped by Silva. It is the tubing which makes us almost certain that this frame while certainly not a production model, is not even a prototype."

Note: subsequent to the above entry the following photo courtesy of of another "CX" labled frameset:

I invite you to contribute by sending in photographs of your Cinelli bike, illustrations, personal stories, and articles about Cinelli bikes and components.

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  1. Hi

    The reply from Cinelli is interesting and seems to make a point, especially regarding the tubing and the lugset.
    I woun't consider the engraving on the lugs/top of seatstays/brake bridge: everyone knows how many framebuilders for "third parties" are in north-east Italy, and all the leftovers of lugs, bridges, etc.; all stuff that can be engraved afterwards, too...
    The purple frame also shows different b.b. lug and fork crown.

    Think is hard to tell, but IMHO most likely a bogus

  2. hi, i have the option to buy me the same frame like the red one,and i want to know if it´s a real cinelli or a fake. i have to pay 480€ for it in realy good shape.
    is this a good price for it?

  3. Not a real Cinelli. Read what Cinelli said above.

  4. hi, i have also a cinelli with CX engraved on the frame. we bought it in 1982. it doesn't look like the one in the pictures.

  5. Send photos of your CX to