Friday, December 10, 2010

Cinelli in 1963 Ron Kitching Catalog

My thanks to Gordon C. for sending these scans from the Ron Kitching (England)catalog of 1963.

The Super Corsa is listed as having the main triangle in Reynolds 531 and the fork and stays in double butted Columbus. The colors available are listed as Grecian WHITE, Mars RED, IVORY, and Olympic YELLOW.

The Pista model is constucted with the same tubes as the Super Corsa; reinforced round fork blades are used. It is available in two colors: IVORY or Powder BLUE.

Also listed are the Riviera and Corsa models; see images for details.

Photos: click to enlarge (you can click 2x)

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  1. The Cinellis shown in the scan have "Wolf Ear" aka "Fish Mouth" lugs, which I understand to no longer have been in use subsequent to approximately 1959/60. Further, the four chrome ring motif on the seat tube of the SC combined with use of Cinelli headset and bottom bracket suggest that the framesets depicted more likely correspond to late '50's/1960 production rather than 1963. As was often the case, the catalog used in 1963 may have had depictions that were out of date.

  2. As was often the case, Cinellis don't fit into neat timelines...

  3. Interesting to see the Cinelli frames depicted in the Ron Kit promotion for 1963 both had the 'wolfs ear' head lug shape....I thought those were phased out by then........of course, the frames in the promotion may have been from a earlier period?

    Also, never seen a Cinelli with chrome seat panels?........Bianchi's yes