Friday, February 25, 2011

Circa 1960 Cinelli Model C

Courtesy via Dirk, from Germany, this image of a Model C being advertised in a German publication. The complete bike, shown, on the right, is equipped as follows:

Reynolds 531 frame with Malaguti lugs
Magistroni BB, cranks and head set
Super Champion chainrings 46/49 or 47/50
Ballila brakes
Clement-50 tubulars
Clement rims, option: Clement wooden rims
Campagnolo hubs (36h), Gran Sport derailleurs and seat post
Yellowrex chain
Sylvere-Maes handle bars, Plastilac tape
Titan stem
Brooks B17 saddle
Prior cogs 4-speed, option: Regina
Sheffield pedals with Christophe clips and Lapize straps
Impero pump

A Model B is partially visible in the lower right.

Click on image to enlarge.

Note: According to an early 50s German H'O'MANN catalog the Cinelli line-up was: 'A' (Riviera), CINELLI 'B' (Mod. B) and CINELLI 'C' (Mod.SC).

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