Friday, August 29, 2014

Giotto Cinelli, 1947/1948

The owner of this frame (and also the earlier posted 1946/1947) makes these observations:
-I think this is a 1947-48, perhaps one of the last bikes built by Giotto before Cino takes over the activity,
-the shape of the badge, and gold color, anticipate the next bikes from Cino,
-note that the head badge indicates C.B. & C. (Cinelli Bianchi & C),
-the seat post collar is G. Bianchi which was a distributor and representative for a short time for Cinelli bikes and components,
-the bike belonged to racer Giuseppe Sabatini


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  1. what incredible, well preserved pieces of cycling history. This one is even earlier - and does not have Cinelli "signature" seat stay attachment like the blue one. Very cool.