Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Giotto Cinelli, 1946/1947


Thanks to a reader's kindness we have these photos of a 1946/1947 Giotto Cinelli.

The first Cinelli branded bikes were actually built and sold by Cino's older brother, Giotto Cinelli in Firenze (Florence). Cino Cinelli moved the business from Firenze to Milano sometime in the 1950s.

Only several Giotto Cinelli bikes are known to exist.

Another brother, Arrigo, was also involved in the bicycle business and a few stems with have survived (see here).

This 1946 photo is of the only true complete team ever to be exclusively sponsored by Cinelli:

Stay tuned for another surprise!

Photo of 1946 team courtesy Steven Maasland

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  1. fantastic find, that is a really special bike, a piece of history, unbelievably rare! thanks for sharing.