Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cinelli Pista, 5398, 5944

Description: "A Cinelli Pista frameset in size 56x56cm c2c. Probably an early 1960 as it still has the lugs without the 3-howls and the long fork tangs. The frame is build from Columbus steel. You find a C and the numbers 5398 on the bottom bracket. The left rear drop out is marked with 5944. The bottom bracket shell width is 65mm. Included is a 1970 Hatta Swan headset.

When this frame came to me, it already had lost its original paint. It is complete restoration including preparation against rust and a new paint. Color is a pearl dark brown with a light pearl silver and golden accentuated embossments."

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I am curious about the number dropout. Did Cinelli stamp serial numbers on dropouts? And, what would explain the mis-matched numbers?

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