Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cinelli BMX

Peter writes, "I just found your email address while I was trying to find information on my Cinelli CMX-1 bmx bike I rode when I was a kid. I couldn't find much info on it and I was hoping you might be able to help me or even refer me to someone that might know more about these bikes. This bike was given to me as a gift in the early to mid 80's when I was just a kid. I used to ride my bike every day and collected quite a few bikes. I remember constantly being in the basement working on them with my father and using any money I had to buy new parts at our local bike shop. As I got older I put the bikes away and moved on to cars and motorcycles to play with. In any event, I was just cleaning out my basement and had to move my cinelli along with a hutch that I had. Every time I pick up that cinelli I'm amazed at how light it is - it seems like it ways nothing. Anyways, any you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help."

Note: catalog and other photos of a CMX-1 that appeared previously in the blog are here.

I invite you to contribute by sending in photographs of your Cinelli bike, illustrations, personal stories, and articles about Cinelli bikes and components.

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  1. This is really cute BMX, but I think the wheels are not good for BMX freestyle, if you want to have some fun of your BMX I suggest you to change that wheel in thicker one.