Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gintautas Umaras' Cinelli Laser

Filippo, from Italy, sends this photo of Gintautas Umaras, gold medalist in the men's 4km pursuit and team pursuit at the 1988 Olympic games in Seoul, Korea, riding a Cinelli Laser (perhaps made with Columbus SLX tubes).

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  1. I believe this Laser is made from Columbus MultiShape tubing (MS), rather than from SLX. The MS was from Gilco Design and featured subtle profiling and shapes. The top tube had a "lemon-shaped" profile, the downtube was slightly oversized and had a sort of "aero" profile, but was designed to have the sharp edge facing forwards, the seat tube was very-subtly conical, being smaller at the top and taping to 28.6 mm at the bottom. The seat tube accepted a 25.0 post, rather than the then-standard 27.2. The left side chainstay was triangular in section and the right one was a high-oval profile. Seatstays were not specially-profiled.

    -Mark Zeh

  2. this one is now exhibited is Gintautas Umaras bicycle store in Vilnius, Lithuania