Thursday, January 1, 2015

UVI Pista N.5

Let's start 2015 with this: a circa 1956 Cinelli Super Corsa Pista- Built for and raced by the Italian National Pursuit Team UVI (Unione Velocipedistica Italiana); Dolomiti saddle, unknown headset, Magistroni crankset, Wippermann inch-pitch block chain, Magistroni bottom bracket, Campagnolo cog, FB Hubs, Cinelli stem, unknown bars, Sheffield pedals.

These bikes don’t have serial numbers per se, but rather their UVI number is stamped on the right/drive side of the seat cluster (see last picture). These UVI bicycle are extraordinarily rare. Here are pictures of N.5. (the highest number I'm aware of is 48):

Reminder: I invite you to contribute by sending in photographs of your Cinelli bike, illustrations, personal stories, and articles about Cinelli bikes and components. I can be contacted at

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