Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cinelli Laser, Now in Carbon

The Cinelli Laser, the full carbon version, is now available as the "Laser Mia".

From the website:
The Laser, Cinelli icon, thanks to the work of the Laser Team is now a carbon jewel. All Made in Italy through a sophisticated wrapping technique of the carbon elements that are further processed, it is possible to build a custom frame of only 890g. All the elements identifying the Laser are maintained: the fin under the bottom bracket, the fittings of the joints and the passage of the rear wheel housed in the seat tube.
  • The cable routing is fully internal for both mechanical and electronic groups.
  • The rear aluminum CNC dropouts sandwich wrap the central carbon part fully integrated to the rear stays.
  • A proper anodized aluminum cap positioned under the fin of the bottom bracket allows easy access for routing the shift cables.
  • Head tube 1 "1/8 and BSA bottom bracket
For comparison here is a built-up Laser Mia compared to a 1980s steel Laser:

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    1. Fantastic! The new carbon frame looks nearly as good as the original and the color is beautiful.