Tuesday, July 24, 2012


A nice Cinelli Cinetica is on ebay at this moment  but it has some issues, "the right side shifting lever cable guided probably dropped inside the frame, and it became not usable. I am not an engineer, I cannot repair it. The shifting cable don't come out from the frame, but the cable house is inside the frame."

Interestingly, the frame has no serial number, the seller speculates that it may have been a prototype. Size is given as 57.

You can find more Cinelli Cinetica information from previous blog posts, see the right column under Cinetica.

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  1. Can you share the link? as I too remember seeing one recently, but can't find it anymore.

    It is interesting to note that those frames are very similar to what the italian brand C4 used to produce in the very early '90s. They had 3 or 4 models, of which -as far as I ca nremember- one was Atb with those fashionable elevated chainstays, and another one was a design similar to this Cinetica, so without the seat tube.
    If I am right, one of those C4 models was called "Luna", and they were proudly advertised as "NJC - no joint construction", being in fact monocoque frames in times when the vast majority of the "carbon bikes" had carbon tubes bonded on alloy lugs

  2. The ebay item number for this Cinetica frame is 170881253241.