Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cinelli Super Corsa 4359

My thanks to Peter for terrific close-up photographs of Cinelli SC 4359.

Lack of holes in lugs, old-style Special Corsa decal on seat tube, fender eyelets, and no derailleur cable guides on top of bottom bracket suggests this bike is pre-1970, likely late 60s.

Seat tube c-to-c 58.5cm, c-to-top 60.0cm
Top tube c-to-c 58.5cm
Seat post 26.2mm
Stem c-to-c 12.5mm
Bars 40cm
Crank 170mm no date stamp
Chainrings 52/45
Freewheel 5 speed 13-15-17-19-22
Toe clips 60mm (I can't remember if this is L or XL)
Missing cables, chain, and brake caliper barrel adjusters.
No dents, no wrinkled paint.

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