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The Cinelli Registry

The Cinelli Registry is no longer accessible at as I write this. Hopefully, it will return. I have saved a copy from earlier this year (I will work on cleaning up the text in the near future):
To List YOUR Cinelli here, email with the words “CINELLI Registry” in the subject line.
Date Sold Serial Number Model Present Owner Location Comments/Details Source 1980 #13 Laser Road Guy Apple Sunnyvale CA 58cm ctc, metalic blue, restored paint, all original #13 of 100 Owner 1984 ??? Laser Evoluzione Guy Apple Sunnyvale CA 59cm ctc, metalic blue, retored paint, all original pursuit track bike ex-Lothar Thoms bike Owner ??? 116 Mod B Bruce Goldsmith Park Ridge, NJ Red, original paint Owner 1970s 1360 Mod B Michael Williams Unknown Ladies model. Originally owned by the Bicycle Business in Sacramento CA. Appears to be complete and original except. Serial number is a C in front of the number and also appears to be a 4/48 on the BB too.
1950s 3320 Mod B Bryan Clarke London UK Restored, simplex TDF, unusual seat stay arrangement Owner 1958 4681 Mod B Listmember ? Green, UK purchase, possible Ron Kitching Owner 1962 5155 Mod B Display - Recycled Cycles Seattle, Wa Red, like new, original condion, owner has provenance Owner 1960s 5278 Mod B UK Under restoration by Rick Powell Unknown
1973 5479 Mod B Wayne Jolly Toronto, Canada NR grouppo, Owner 1960 5611 Mod B Jeff Groman Bainbridge Island, WA Red, original condition, gran sport equipped, sold by Ace Cycles, Vancouver BC Owner 1972?? 5773 Mod B Listmember SF Bay Area Orange, CycleArt restoration, purchased Florence, Italy Owner Late 50s?? 5847 Mod B John Dodson Devon, UK Light blue, recently restored
1972 5918 Mod B Warren Wadsworth Denver, CO Silver, repaint, 63.5 cm Owner 1965 6155 Mod B Chuck Cadoret Kingsburg, CA Black & Chrome, restored by Tony Beeks (Bike Specialties) Owner 1954 6532 Mod B Belveno Basso Vancouver, BC Canada Original equipment. Red metalic, Grand Sport, Universal brakes. Owner 1964 6763 Mod B Ken Wallace Phoenix, AZ Altenberger equipped, incl. derailleurs, flat crown, silver
1970 ?? 6837 Mod B Listmember Met. Blue, purchased Toronto Owner
1960 7073 Mod B Dirk Feeken Germany Got it FREE from owner who did'nt know what it was. Probable repaint. Rough but rideable condition. Owner Early 1970s ?? Mod B Mike Rounds Derry, NH 30K miles, will be restored Owner 1954 LB12W Mod B C. Gober Cupertino, CA Wolf Logs
1961 7095 Monza Ken Wallace Phoenix, AZ Black, Monza on D/T, also decalled S.C., has badged stem and steel bars, Campy GS, Universal 61s, was fender equipped Owner 1949-50 481 Paris-Roubaix Ken Denny Boston Silver with Black filagree DT Panel. Campag Paris-Roubaix Project bike Owner 1964 499 Pista Mike O'Donnell Cincinati, Ohio Blue&chrome, original owner Owner 1950s 510 Pista Ken Denny Boston FB group including hubs, pedals. Cinelli Firenze pista stem, Cinelli Milano bars dash -a s/n Owner Early 1960s 702 Pista John Siemsen San Luis Obispo No oil port, or holes in lugs. Oversized chainstays, squeezed into BB shell. Previous owner modified in the late 1960s for road adding derailleur tab, canti bosses, full chrome plating Owner 1960 860 Pista Ken Denny Boston Sante Giardoni's Gold Medal winning track iron from 1960 Olympics. Silver/black. Cinelli headset w/security clip, Unica/Nitor, 1st gen Campy crank, con-denti pedals, Fiamme Professionalisti rims, Colubus tubing Owner Late 1960s 1106 Pista John Barron
531Tubing, silver, repaint Owner Early 1970s 1730 Pista Listmember Silver, East coast bike Unknown Owner Early 1970s 1860 Pista Brian Baylis San Diego, CA All original, fitted for brake, aluminum badge Owner 1968 2572 Pista Russ Boelhof San Diego, CA White, twin plate crown, Mexico 68 sticker, ex Velo-Sport Owner 1970 4633 Pista Dave Staub Los Angeles, CA Yellow, was paired with matching Pista model, s/n 4600 Wolf Logs 1970 5062 Pista Roy Drinkwater Lititz, PA Original Yellow paint, lug cutouts, 151 cranks, con denti pedals Owner 1950s 5186 Pista John Barron Minneapolis, MN Copper w/burgundy panels, Cinelli Collar h/set, large headbadge Owner 1950s 5418 Pista John Barron Mpls, MN Met. Gold, old style lugs, flat crown, columbus tubing, Cinelli collar h/set Owner 1962 7559 Pista Tim Mitoma San Rafael, CA User condition Owner 1965 7738 Pista Pete Czapiewski Alexandria VA 58cm, orange repaint with decals Owner Unknown 8537 Pista DeCora Milwaukee, IL chrome, record group, missing headbadge Owner Late 70s 9128 Pista Jeff Groman Bainbridge Island, WA Joe Bell repaint, stunning condition Owner Late 70s M 11 Pista Robert Clair Alexandria, VA From Ochsner Bros via Baylis, SR Ti gruppo, odd size rims/rear hub Owner Early 60s 888 Riviera Listmember
Very Rare Riviera, Purchased UK, Orange / Celeste repaint in progress Owner ??? 375 SC Dave Staub Los Angeles, CA Metallic Blue, ex-CBS Wolf Logs 1960s 580 SC Dale Brown Greensboro, NC Details to follow Owner 1963 585 SC Richard Bullis Reno, NV Silver, rough condition, TA, Mafac, +GF+ bb shell Wolf Logs 1963 590 SC Listmember
Met. Blue, possible Ron Kitching, unusual markings on BB shell, GF+ (Fisher BB?) Star of David Owner 1977 748 SC Richard Bulis Reno, NV 70cm, dot in serial number stamping Owner 1965 968 SC Neil Martlew Kent, England Repainted maroon, chrome forks. Owner 1967 1015 SC Pete Brissing Bainbridge Island, WA 52 cm, silver, JP Weigle repaint, has fender eyelets and rare drilled bottom bracket. Lightweight model Owner 1970 1069 SC Sporting Life customer Toronto, CA Original paint, updated equipment Owner 1970 1091 SC Ken Denny Boston All the goodies, 100 pt. concours condit. Silver metallic, Bivalent hubs, mudguards w/badge dash -1 s/n Owner 1960s 1185 SC Tom Hanson Carlsbad, CA CycleArt repaint, silver imron, fender eyelets, brazeons etc. Owner 1972 1192 SC Mark Petry Bainbridge Island, WA Black, Cycle Art Repaint, ex-CBS, Mafac, TA, M71, oil hole BB, provenance Wolf Logs 1972 1204 SC Arnold Kanehiro Honolulu, HI Met. Green, triangular lug windows Wolf Logs 1972 1230 SC Unknown Seattle, Wa Repainted, braze ons added. Owner 1960s 1237 SC Scott Davis Minneapolis, MN Repainted
1960s 1253 SC Terry Ackland ??? ??? Owner 1960s 1293 SC Alan Partington Toronto, CA Mike Barry repaint, silver, fender eyelets Owner 1973 1341 SC Bryant Bainbridge Unknown Unknown Owner 1970s 1373 SC Dan Smith 61 Cm, repainted red Unknown Unknown 1972-73 1392 SC Listmember Los Angeles, CA Silver, original, touched up by Baylis, east coast bike, probably from Kopp's Owner 1970 1403 SC John Costello Bainbridge Island, WA Rechromed and repainted Owner 1967 1450 SC David Cooper Chicago, Il All Chrome, good original condition, fender braze-ons, purchased NYC, recent Ebay sale Owner 1973 1504 SC Ted Trombley Martinez, CA 64.5 cm, red & chrome Wolf Logs 1972 1506 SC Harvey Sachs VA 64cm, more details to follow Owner 1970s 1515 SC Roy A. Fellars ??? ??? Owner 1973 1574 SC Paul Narlesky Medford, OR Ex CBS. Yellow with chrome, Braze on cable guides Under BB Wolf Logs 1965 1626 SC
Seattle, Wa Ex-CBS, Met. Red, original condition, chrome fork / stays, Mafac Top 63 brakes, Scheeren rims Wolf Logs 1973 1678 SC Peter Kohler Washington DC Black and lots of chrome, Brooks saddle Owner Early 1970s 1735 SC Bill Jackson Vista, CA Maroon, CycleArt repaint Owner Early 1970s 1748 SC Dale Lantz Bainbridge Island, WA Ex CBS, special red, concours condition, has milled BBÂ Wolf Logs Early 1970s 1762 SC Nelson Miller Seattle, Wa Metallic Blue w/ chrome, ex-CBS Wolf Logs Early 1970s 1833 SC John Jackson Virginia Silver w/ Campy components Owner Early 1970s 1840 SC Vance Sprock Cupertino, CA Purchased in Italy, silver, all original Owner Early 1970s 1910 SC Jim Jenkins Sebastopol, CA Restored, painted silver, brass headbadge Owner 1963 1920 SC Robert Levine Detroit, MI All chrome, badged stem, Record, airlite, etc Ex- Wolverine C/C Owner 1964 1923 SC Mark Agree Southfield, MI 55cm, all chrome, Campagnolo groupo Owner 1966 1948 SC Kevin Ko Eugene OR 50.5cm ctc, silver, pointed lugs, no holes chrome full sloping crown Owner 1972 2119 SC Jay VandeVelde Seal Beach, CA From Kopps, time warp condition, 1st owner was a shop employee Owner 1970s 2179 SC Fred Durrette South Carolina 57cm, original record group, original gold paint. purchased second hand in 1985 Owner 1970s 2299 SC Dan Csoka ?? Mint restored, ex Mike Kone Owner 1970s 2452 SC Ben Sanford Falls Church, VA Original silver paint, 58 X59 ctc. Sloping crown fork, low flange Campy hubs, Fiamme red labels sew-up rims. Purchased from the original owner and nothing has been changed since new on this low mileage bike. Owner 1970s 2479 SC Jim Jenkins Sebastopol, CA Original Silver paint, period correct equip Owner 1970s 2480 SC Jim Jenkins Sebastopol, CA Metallic blue, original, NR triple Owner 1970s 2544 SC Robert Firmage ??? Silver w/ Campy components Owner 1970s 2772 SC Takashi Komatsu Matsumoto, Japan Original owner and original condition, purchased in Japan, rided across the US in the late 70s Dennis Young 1970s 2826 SC Richard Bulis Reno, NV 70 Cm Orange (Mars Red) all campy Owner 1970s 2827 SC Bob LeMond Northern CA Yellow, 58.5 1st racing bike of 3 time TDF winner Pending 1970s 2996 SC Guy Apple Sunnyvale, CA Silver, chrome, beautiful restoration, has shifter & bottle brazeons Owner 1970s 3013 SC Erik Siverson Unknown Sticker from Kopp's, Princeton Owner 1970s 3125 SC Nelson Miller Seattle, Wa Silver, original paint, ex CBS Wolf Logs 1970s 3210 SC Scott Ramsey 57cm Owner
1970s 3245 SC Ron Boi Chicago, Il REAL interesting sub 700 wheel size. Reportedly built for Italian national team - time trial? Offered on Ebay w/ build sheet signed by Cino Cinelli. Cinelli factory paperwork 1970s 3309 SC Martin Needleman Annapolis, MD Large headbadge, Agrati crank, Campy GS and 3 piece hubs Owner 1970s 3317 SC Davis Swanger Nashville, TN Square fork crown, rifled steering tube, Magistroni BB, Brattelli Benotto cranks, Gnutti 3pc low flange hubs Owner 1970s 3334 SC Greg Parker Ann Arbor, Mich Met blue, campy/phil equipped, ebay purchase Owner 1968 3536 SC ??? SF Bay Area Originally owned by Olympian / Nat Team Member Flip Waldteufel, repainted, needs restoration, 57cm Wolf Logs 1960s 3791 SC Tom Hanson Carlsbad, CA All chrome - modified w/ canti brakes Owner 1968 3874 SC Listmember
Ex CBS Silver Owner 1970s 4105 SC Len Lynch San Carlos, CA Repainted, yellow w/chrome lugs & fork crown Owner 1970 4274 SC Pete DeNormandie Bainbridge Island, WA Silver, CycleArt repaint, bike used in 1971 Oui magazine photo shoot, all campy, weltmeister rims Owner 1970 4310 SC Peter Jourdain Whitewater, WI Single-hole lugs no oil port in the bottom bracket Owner 1970 4614 SC Jose Fonseca Recent purchase; details sketchy Pending
1968 4704 SC Pete Czapiewski Alexandria VA 59cm, original silver Campagnolo and Cinelli components
1970s 4706 SC Steven Lawrence Alamo, CA Met. Green, chrome lugs, gold trim, NR equip., near mint condit Owner 1970s 4727 SC Listmember
silver, original, no headbadge Owner 1970s 4877 SC Dennis Stover Los Angeles, CA Silver, original, 64cm, ebay purchase see
1970s 4933 SC Angel Garcia Morris Co, NJ Silver, as original, Campagnolo equipped
1970s 5029 SC David Sowar Denver, CA Purchased Big Wheel, Denver. Bike is being painted Owner 1970s 5146 SC Brad Silverberg Mercer Island, WA 60cm silver restored Owner 1970s 5156 SC Russ Boelhof San Diego, CA Ex-CBS, CycleArt repaint Wolf Logs 1970s 5192 SC Listmember DC Area Unknown
1970s 5294 SC Kurt Sperry Bellingham, WA Unusual 531 frame (steerer not rifled) pruchashed in UK, fender eyelets Owner 1970s 5370 SC Chris Higham ?? Long wheelbase and fork rake, fender eyelets
1970s 5375 SC Jim McCoin SF Bay Area Silver, 63cm, good condition, all campy, original paint Wolf Logs 1970s 5379 SC Jim Narlesky San Jose, CA Ex CBS Blue with minimal chrome Wolf Logs 1970s 5405 SC John Barron Mpls, MN Silver, fender eyelets, Owner 1970s 5564 SC Jim Trexler Denver, CO Originally Orange, metallic blue repaint. From Bicycle Trip, Santa Cruz. Wolf Logs 1970s 5567 SC Dan Holms Seattle, Wa Purchased in UK by Nelson Miller Owner 1970s 5613 SC Don Keenan Longmont, CO Orange Owner 1970s 5730 SC Ken Stanford Kensington, MD 58cm silver repainted in 2004 Owner 1970s 5731 SC Ken Stanford Kensington, MD 58cm, silver, repaint by former owner excellent quality, Owner 1972 5901 SC Nat Weeks Yorktown, VA No longer for sale, NEW OWNER PLEASE CONTACT ME silver, contact owner at (757)898-1129 Owner 1972 5946 SC Angel Garcia Morris Co, NJ lightweight model, milled BB, custom TI / SR gruppo, yellow / red, Owner 1956 6039 SC Tony Beckett UK Unusual pointed lugs, 2 LH rear dropouts, no hanger
1955 6089 SC Nelson Miller Seattle, Wa 25, has been chromed, originally green Owner 1958 6152 SC Seattle, Wa Old Style lugs, BB oil hole, Baylis repaint sky blue Owner
1959 6361 SC Stan Staniszewski Clinton, Mi All chrome, +GF+ under bb Owner 1959 6366 SC Jerry Akers Saratoga, CA Wolf Logs
1960s 6422 SC Mike McGary Tuscon, AZ Gold with sloping fork crown, oil port in BB, steel stem/bar, second gen Record Owner 1960s 6428 SC Richard Baruch London, England Light blue, restored by Rattrays of Glasglow. Owner 1960s 7059 SC Henry Gregson England Orange, restored, mixed gruppo Owner 1960s 7082 SC Steven Lawrence Alamo, CA Oil Fitting on BB, white, Campag Record, Cinelli steel stem Owner 1967 7094 SC Chuck Schmidt South Pasdena, CA Grand Sport ders, Bivalent, Cinelli Cranks / Bars, 100 point concours condition Owner 1961 7344 SC Bruce Thomson Spokane, WA Silver, campy equipped Owner 1961 7454 SC Mark Ritz Arcata, CA Ex-CBS, CycleArt repaint, has blue background headbadge Wolf Logs 1961 7455 SC Nelson Miller Seattle, Wa 24, ex-CBS Wolf Logs 1962 7466 SC Mike Issel San Francisco, CA Orig Owner, white & chrome, Campy equipped Wolf Logs 1962 7537 SC Bruce Robbins Dundee, Scotland Ex Hector Mackenzie, Scottish champ and road racer. Owner 1963 7814 SC Carsten Rehbein Deutschland Bronze metallic, 74mm BB Owner 1964 8252 SC Andrew French London UK Under restoration Owner 1957?? 8273 SC Geoff Hunt San Diego, CA CycleArt repaint, many miles, SP+ stamped in BB, oil hole Owner 1983 8317 SC Chuck Cadoret Kingsburg, CA 83 Show bike, black over chrome, modern equip Owner Late 1950s?? 8410 SC Peter Taylor Canberra, Australia Original condition with period components, campy/universal/magistroni, gold with chrome, GF+ under BB, purchased Germany Owner Late 1950s?? 8887 SC David Goerndt Orlando, FL Project Wolf Logs Late 1950s?? 8994 SC Griff King-Spooner London UK White, chrome forks and stays, BB oil port Owner 1980 80111 SC Willl Endruit Allentown, PA Black / Chrome, Will be donated to the Nicole Reinhart fund Owner 1980 80165 SC Carlo Carr New Orleans, LA Magenta Rosa (?), frame and fork Owner 1980 80290 SC Markus Zoll Nurnberg, Germany BMW metalic, 54cm, Campy SR Owner 1980s 80316 SC Markus Zoll Nurnberg, Germany Silver, 56cm, Campy SR & C-R, purchased from Radsport Scherlt Owner 1982 82182 SC Display - Recycled Cycles Seattle, Wa White, fair condition Owner 1982 82209 SC Mike Schmidt Sterling, NJ 55cm, red metalic, Super Record groupo, original paint, purchased in Concord CA Owner 1983 83289 SC Display - Recycled Cycles Seattle, Wa Blue-gray, 50th gruppo Owner 1980s 84103 SC Tony Simmons Cornwall, UK Gunmetal metalic, chrome lugs, drops forkcrown, 50th Anniv. Groupo 64cm Owner 1984 84219 SC Ron Tandy Westminster, CA Silver with chrome lugs Owner 1984 84810 SC Ted Lynch Melbourne, Aus Red, 58 cm, ex Warren Meade+F141 Owner 1985 85072 SC Tom Witkop Rockville, MD damaged, has been repaired. Owner 1985 85181 SC Gary Hann San Diego, CA Restored, candy apple red, Campagnolo groupo Owner 1980s 85338 SC Rick Chafian San Francisco, CA met grey, 50th anniv. Gruppo, purchased direct Owner 1980s 86501 SC Jim Jenkins Sebastopol, CA All black, C Record equipped
1980s 86561 SC ??? ?? has x appended to serial number Owner 1980s 65747X SC Paul Cox Rayleigh, UK Built for Eric Clapton and presented by A.L.Colombo. Bike isMINT. Provenance. Owner 1980s 83707 N SC David Bilenky Ottowa, Ont, Canada Black Owner Early 1960s 714
Carsten Rehbein Deutschland Silver, tutto originale including gruppo


I invite you to contribute by sending in photographs of your Cinelli bike, illustrations, personal stories, and articles about Cinelli bikes and components.

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