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This is the 3rd Cinetica we have photos of. You can click on Cinetica on the right margin to see the others.

This particular frameset is currently on ebay with this description:

"A little Cinelli history: In the late 1980's, early 90's Cinelli produced their cult classic: the Cinelli Laser, during that same time they also produced the Cinelli Cinetica. This exact frame (see pics) that I am selling: the Cinelli Cinetica was manufactured very briefly because the technology at that time was prohibitively expensive when working with carbon fiber monocoque one piece frames and forks. The Cinelli Laser at that time was all steel and did an excellent job mimicking the gentle slopes and fillets of carbon fiber in a steel frame, with carbon fiber that is all natural in the manufacturing process. The Cinelli Cinetica was way ahead of it's time and only a small batch of them were ever produced in the entire world

What I have here is one of the rarest racing frames ever manufactured: The Cinelli Cinetica carbon frame and fork. The frame serial number is 0016, it's the 16th frame made.

This is the last frame of it's kind, even rarer than the Cinelli Laser. What makes this frame special is that it is BRAND NEW. This frame has never been assembled, it is factory new, zero miles, been packaged up for 21 years. The fork is also brand new, uncut.

This is a true carbon fiber monocoque built racing frame. Hand made in Italy with the expertise and cooperation of 3 world class companies:




This is the frame that started it all. The Italians had carbon fiber perfected way before anyone else

Here is a brief background on this rare frame: In the late 1980's Andrea Cinelli decided to manufacture the ultimate racing frame. Along with Ferrari and Campagnolo the design was perfected and production went into effect. All the Cinetica frames used Campagnolo dropouts stamped: Cinetica. As for the authentic Ferrari red paint, that was provided by Ferrari along with its special carbon fiber formula one race car blend.

You will not find much info on the internet about Cinetica, if you google it you will find a few pics which by the way are mine since I have owned multiple Cinelli Cineticas...this one is special because it is 100% new.

Why is this frame so rare, it started it all...while everybody was messing with aluminum and steel, Cinelli had a vision to use carbon fiber. Cinetica was 20 years ahead of its time.

OK, here are the frame specs:

Size: 55cm (center to top)
Top tube length: 54cm (center to center)
headset: 1" threaded (fork is 100% new, uncut).
Bottom Bracket threading: Italian
Seatpost diameter: 27.2mm (seatpost not included)
Front derailleur: braze-on
Frame and Fork weight: 2870 grams
Wheel size: 700c
Condition: BRAND NEW, zero miles, never assembled.

I reserve the right to end this auction anytime.

This frame is a piece of cycling history, there is nothing like it anywhere today...I know for a fact I have the last brand new Cinelli Cinetica frame and fork.

This is the rarest frame in the world.

Good Luck!"

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  1. i have the cinelli cinetica giotto handlebars + stem combo with the carbon part in red (custom)