Monday, April 25, 2011

Gazzetta della Strada

From Cinelli:

"Last year Cinelli designed and released the Gazzetta, a reasonably priced all-purpose track frame. The design priorities were straight-forward and decisive and the result was a product which distinguished itself from everything else in its category.

This year we have expanded the Gazzetta range with the introduction of a road model which maintains the philosophy of the original track model: the Gazzetta della Strada.

The Gazzetta della Strada is based on the 50s heroic Italian steel road bike and inspired by a sophisticated genre of urban riding: it maintains all the same proprietary elements of the original track model including the custom Columbus tubeset, rear brake bridge, seat post collar and segmented fork crown design while differentiating itself in the following regards:

•Racing road bike geometries from a time when road racing still meant, potentially, unsurfaced roads and gravel climbs - giving the contemporary rider stable handling and suitable clearances for half mudguards while maintaining a short enough wheelbase for immediate response in accelerations and all together lively riding experience.

•Rear drop-out eyelets and seat-stay braze on for small packs and mudguards.

•Stainless steel drop-outs and fork tips for extreme durability.

•Matching painted stem for purist Randonneur bike style.

•25mm Vittoria Randonneur tyres for extra-handling confidence at no expense of straightline speed and efficiency.

•Down tube braze-on tabs for down tube shifter compatibility."

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  1. Would you consider the GDS as a do it all bike? As in rough gravel road touring, commuting, road riding, etc?

  2. I think it would do it all but I don't have any direct experience. . They made some changes from when this was written to make it better.

  3. Where is the frame made?