Monday, March 7, 2011

Cinelli Urban Shoes

ok, I admit it. I'm old and a retro-grouch. Therefore, I'm not sure what to make of Cinelli's latest product: urban shoes. To wit:

CALEPPIO DI SETTALA, Italy – Many life style magazines already hyped them before Cinelli officialy launched their new products range: dedicated urban cycling shoes. Cinelli has worked together with prestigious skateboard and shoe company DVS on a series of urban cycling shoes.

The shoe is called “Luster” and the Cinelli interpretation will come in two different models, one inspired by the Vigorelli and one by Best Of Italo ’79. For the production of these shoes Cinelli has licensed the brand name and attendant logos to DVS, and the Italians guarantee a personal pre-production approvement of all customized facing material.

The distribution of the shoes will be handled entirely by DVS. Cinelli will not sell or stock the shoes but only provide support for marketing and communication. The shoes will be available by next July in the US and in August for the rest of the world.

“This cooperation is a fantastic example of the further expansion of the Cinelli brand into new and emerging areas”, says Fabrizio Aghito of Cinelli. “The shoes will not only be stocked in the world’s leading fixed-gear/urban culture stores but they will also be sold in ‘streetwear’ and skateboard shops. The sale of the shoes will be accompanied by a significant online and print marketing campaign and we expect a noticeable increase in interest in hard Cinelli product from current dealers and potential dealers.”

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  1. CINELLI is on its way to becoming little more than a "designer" label, one who'll put their name on pretty-much-anything. When you think about how much stuff Ferrari or Ducati sell these days other than cars or motos, it's hard to blame them, but you wonder what Cino's thinking from his spot in heaven along with Tullio Campagnolo?