Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Antonio Mondonico at Cinelli

This from the "History" page of the Mondonico brand at BIKYLE, a high end bike shop in the USA:

"Antonio's father, Giuseppe Mondonico, opened a framebuilding shop in Milano in 1929. He was soon recognized by the Milan cycling aficionados as a builder with talent. Antonio grew up with bikes and frame building as a way of life. He has spoken of growing up with iron filings under his fingernails. When Giuseppe passed away there wasn't enough money to keep the Mondonico shop going. Antonio became the master builder for other renowned framemakers of the time. Over the years he supervised work for Gianna Motta, Cino Cinelli, and Ernesto Colnago. In the mid 1970's he reopened his own shop and again the world could get Mondonico bicycles."

Photo: Antonio Mondonico working in his home workshop where he built Mondonico frames (photo courtesy Bikeraceinfo)

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  1. Any advise on how to contact Mr. Mondonico befor my trip to Italy in the summer?

  2. They are at Via M. Polo, 33 in Concorezzo (MI).
    Try tel no. 039 648661