Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cino Cinelli Olive Oil

Spotted by La Gazzetta della Bici at a bike shop in Japan: Cino Cinelli olive oil bottles.

Who knows more about the Cinelli olive oil production?

I invite you to contribute by sending in photographs of your Cinelli bike, illustrations, personal stories, and articles about Cinelli bikes and components.

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  1. I'll be danged if that badge isn't a "real" one...

  2. I remember reading about Cino Cinelli retiring from the bicycle trade and embracing olive oil production as a line. I believe that this was mentioned in a Bicycle Guide interview. If I remember the article correctly, the established olive oil producers doubted that a man who came from the bicycle industry could create a quality olive oil product. But ultimately Cinelli proved them wrong by becoming an authority (yeah Cino!).
    Up until now, I wasnt sure if this was bicycle mythology, but I'm glad that its been proven true.