Sunday, April 25, 2010

Arrigo Cinelli Stem, pre-Brevettato

Back in February, 2010, we had photos of a rare Arrigo Cinelli stem. The stem is a "Tipo Speciale" and has the word "Brevettato" (patented) under the logo.

A reader recently sent me photos of another Arrigo Cinelli stem. The stem, in the form of an integrated handlebar/stem combination, was found on a completely original and unadulterated 1939 Gloria Garibaldina "Donna". They are quite similar to the later Cinelli Milano model "Tirolo".

The "Arrigo Cinelli-Firenze" mark is engraved on the underside, without "Brevettato".

This lends credibility to the information of the early years about Cinelli before WW II that Arrigo started the Cinelli company while Cino was still an active as a professional cyclist.

I invite you to contribute by sending in photographs of your Cinelli bike, illustrations, personal stories, and articles about Cinelli bikes and components.

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  1. FYI, there is no Gloria in their 1939 catalog that looks even remotely like this supposedly "original and unadulterated 1939 Gloria Garibaldina." It is not from 1939, and probably not 1940 either. It is, however, fairly similar to one that appears in their 1950 catalog.

  2. Your implication is wrong, gridplan. The receipt I have for the bike clearly dates this to 1930 (december) and delivered in January 1940. Bottom bracket, rear derailleur, and axel locknuts are dated 1939 as well. By 1946 (Gloria ceased production 1940-45), Arrigo Cinelli was forging his business entity with his brother, Giotto, in the design and construction of stems and handlebars. After the formation of G. Cinelli in 1947/8, Arrigo patented his designs, and licensed them to both Giotto and Cino. Arrigo Cinelli stems disappeared by 1948, with the formation of G.Cinelli- Firenze. These handlebars are remarkably different from later Cinelli-Firenzi bars, with the truncated front extension and wider appearance. The 1950 Gloria catalog does not show anytiung like this particular bike you reference - note double lugged downtube.details. The handlebars on 1950 bikes were by Cinelli-Firenze, not Arrigo. Please get your facts straight before you make blind accusations.

  3. Furthermoe, you seem to think that Gloria produced only bikes shown in their catalogs. This is very shortsighted. Gloria's reparto corsa (race division) built custom bikes that could be remarkably different from the base catalog bikes, and this particular bike (1939 Gloria Garibaldina Extra Donna) is one of those. My 1939 catalog clearly shows a variation of this bike, sans pump pegs.