Sunday, September 5, 2010

USSR National Team Cinelli Laser

Filippo writes, "A strange Cinelli Laser with asymmetric bullhorn used by a member of USSR team during late 80's."

Who can explain the purpose of this arrangement?

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  1. > Who can explain the purpose of this arrangement?

    This isn't April 1st. Surely it's broken!

  2. Indeed, it is a broken handlebar. Eros Poli explains that in the protoypes where the handlebars were attached to the fork (to achieve better aerodynamics) the riders could break the handlebars from their efforts.

  3. That was a broken handlebar. The team and Cinelli were both quick to announce that the bar was NOT a Cinelli bar, but a substandard one of either German or Russian manufacture.

  4. The broken bar was a non heat-threated made for Takhion.The white Cinelli lasers with fork-mounted bar was produced for the Sovjetic national team.

  5. I think I saw this race or a similar accident happening to a rider. The rider became third of second and was given a second chance because of the failure. He declined the offer, saying he woundn't be any faster with a correct handelbar.

  6. Rider name was Gintaras Umaras, Tachion bar was used with this laser, during the race bar brocked and Umaras continued the race....He woon olimpic gold then...

  7. Umaras is great, but that rider was Alexander Kirichenko.