Monday, March 1, 2010

1971 Cinelli Track Speciale Corsa

1971 Cinelli Track Speciale Corsa:

Cinelli track bikes in original condition are rare. What is rare and interesting about this particular bike is that it has never been ridden. It was purchased new by one of Canada's most famous racing cyclists, multi-Olympian Lorne 'Ace' Atkinson, not to ride, as he had retired from racing, but to display in his business Ace Cycles in Vancouver. Some years later it was bought by a racing friend of Lorne's who had the same intention and it remained with him for some twenty years on display in his house. It passed to the BOFCI collection in 2005. Apart from new bar tape - same type and colour - and a few storage marks, it is as new. Bike such as this provide a perfect reference point for restorers.

Frame: Cinelli Speciale Corsa track frame - No. 2177: 21½" seat tube, 22" top tube, 16" chainstays, 38" wheelbase

Wheels: Fiamme sprint rims on Campagnolo large-flange track hubs with double-butted spokes

Chainset: Campagnolo Pista

Pedals: Campagnolo track

Gears: Single-speed fixed

Brakes: N/A

Stem/Bars Cinelli Pista bars on Cinelli steel stem

Headset: Campagnolo

Saddle: Cinelli Unicanitor on Campagnolo seatpost

Photo: courtesy of David, owner

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  1. I have actually been in Ace Cycles and have seen that bike.I bought my first 10-speed a Jaubert from Lorne in 1968.The closest I got to Cinelli was a Windsor but I do have a wonderful Italian wife and also a Cinelli saddle from the 1980's.Really enjoy your blog.posted by cj gordon