Monday, February 3, 2014

Cinelli "Tokyo 1964", Made in 1987/1988

A Cinelli "Tokyo 1964" made as a special edition in 1987/1988 is for sale. I'm not familiar with the details of this special edition so if you have any more information that's in addition to the description that follows write me at the email address below. This is the description:

"n 1987/1988 CINELLI made just shy of 300 commemorative frames with the original CINELLI decals and built with Columbus SL tubing and the original Cinelli lugs sporting the famous three hole cut outs. Antonio Columbo who purchased the Cinelli company in 1979 named these limited edition bikes "Tokyo '64" as Cinelli had been a supplier to the Italian national team for the 1964 Olympics in Japan. The entire allotment of Tokyo '64 bikes were sold out within days at the Milan show. Most of the frames went to Germany, Japan, and the U.S.A. Most were Cinelli silver but a few were sprayed in Cinelli rose as shown here. This one was assembled in 1990 and has virtually no miles on it as it was hung as a showpiece at Milano Sport in Greenwich, Ct. The frame measures 55cm. center to top or 53 cm. center to center. Top tube length is 54 cm. Gruppo is full Super Record with Regina freewheel and chain. Bar, stem and Cinelli #2 suede saddle are a set known as the VIP kit. Bars are covered in leather. Stem is 10 cm. Cinelli 1/R and bars are 65/40 Criterium bend. Tubular wheels are 36 drill with two good tubs. Binda Extra straps with toe clips. Everything is period correct. This is a frame that can never be duplicated as Cinelli/Columbus has no more lug sets like this. The entire allotment for the U.S. market of this model Cinelli was only 85 units and only two in this size, on each in rose and silver. The paint is reflective so look at the photos where the paint appears slightly darker to see the true color. Only two very precise artisans were given the task to build these frames. One is in his seventies and still working today but Cinelli kept their identities secret for commercial reasons. This is one classic bike that will continue to increase in value."

More photos, etc. here.

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