Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cinelli Unica

I don't have much information about the steel, or aluminum, Cinelli Unica models. I think in about 2000 the switch was made from steel to aluminum. If you have any catalogs or information send me a note.

I invite you to contribute by sending in photographs of your Cinelli bike, illustrations, personal stories, and articles about Cinelli bikes and components. Thanks for stopping by. I can be contacted at


  1. I've just a steel Unica frame made from Columbus Thron tubing. It is very similar to this one however there is no spoiler bottom bracket.

  2. My Cinelli frame is made of Columbus Thron steel.
    It is very light thin steel frame. The bike weighs 19 lbs total. It is an awesome ride ..exceptional frame geometry..a joy to ride ..the frame is stamped with an authentic serial number under the bottom crank. I was told that the number must look hand stamped to be an authentic cinelli frame. Cheers..Your frame looks very similar to mine. Mine is Green with black lettering.