Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Angelo Caccia Returns to Gruppo Srl

Angelo Caccia (former commercial director at Campagnolo, right in photo) joined the Board of Directors as Vice President of Gruppo Srl. His name was already linked with this Italian company a long time ago. Between 1982 and 1990, Angelo Caccia was one of the protagonists of the golden period of steel and the legendary SLX tubeset. Recently he returned to Gruppo after 20 years and bringing a lot of experience from Italy’s leading bicycle component manufacturer, Caccia confirms to be “proud to return to a team led by the same management as that which represented the ambitious vanguard of the industry in the 80s.”

Caccia’s goal will be to ensure the continuous growth of the market segments in which the brand has maintained leadership and to take advantage of the magical moment of the new steel bike boom. He will coordinate all commercial strategies and the development of new business. His return marks years of restructuring and consolidation at Gruppo Srl.

Antonio Colombo, founder and president of Gruppo, stated: “This is a historical reunion, Colombo, Erzegovesi and Caccia, as if 3 of Beatles reformed to play together again. I expect big things, today we are world leaders of the fixed gear movement, as well as more traditional market segments. Everywhere I look I see an extremely strong interest in Cinelli, Columbus and Bootleg. I’m sure that Angelo Caccia’s experience we will soon result in our brands merits.”

This opinion is shared by Paolo Erzegovesi, CEO of Gruppo: “Angelo is an authentic point of reference in our world, and not just for me, as I have been able to affirm speaking with many players in the sector. We had been working together extremely well for many years and even when we split our career I continued to admire his qualities of seriousness, reliability, attention to the client, and his organizational and analytical skills“.

Photo: Angelo Caccia, Antonio Colombo and Paolo Erzegovesi (from right to left)

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