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A reader from Amsterdam writes about his Cinetica "Giotto" (see original brochure and other photos here) in Amsterdam. He writes:

"It was a nice surprised to find the Cinetica Giotto on your site. In 1989, I bought my Giotto in Amsterdam and even though in the meantime I have had many different bikes, I never could sell this one, so it is still in my possession. My serial number is 20.

Up till now I have only once spotted another one in Holland. In Italy, where I lived in 2003 and 2004 I have never seen one nor during the years I rode Gran Fondo's in Italy.

One year ago I decided it was a shame to have such a beautiful bike hanging in the garage and never use it, that I transformed it to a city bike. As I am riding it more frequently now, a lot of people tell me they have never seen a nicer bike than this Giotto, so I am still very happy with it. I only have little problems with the paint job, since one year the bike has a little
osmosis. Beside this bike I have 3 other racing bikes, including a Pinarello and an Italian custom titanium bike.

Please find herewith a recent picture of the Cinetica Giotto made over!"

The origin of GINO on the frame? "I bought the bike in Amsterdam at a bike shop named Cycles Gino (Bartali). After two years the owner of the shop asked me if he could put my bike on display during winter time and use it for exhibitions. He wanted to put some stickers on the bike with the name of his shop and offered me a set of wheels in return, which I did and I never took them off, so that is the story after."

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