Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lucas Brunelle Goes to Africa (on a Hobo)

Lucas Brunelle goes to Africa from Cinelli Official on Vimeo.

The short-film “Lucas Brunelle goes to Africa”, exclusively shown on preview during the Road World Championships in Florence, is now online on at CinelliTV We are talking about an incredible 7 minutes-long video filmed by Lucas Brunelle, the most famous film maker in the alternative and urban cycling worlds. Produced by Cinelli and edited by Benny Zenga during the 11th edition of the Tour d’Afrique (12.000 Km, 8 stages, 80 riders), ultimate test for Cinelli's new bike designed for touring and adventure: Cinelli Hobo. Double-butted steel frame with never-rust treatment, a great mix of CycloCross and Touring geometries for a “sprinting comfort”, Tubus Carriers, fenders, three bottlecage supports and oversize down tube: just some of the many amazing features of Hobo. The latest Cinelli icon. Following the steps of Laser, Rampichino, Bootleg and Fixies, Cinelli once again invents a new way to cycle and to interpret cycling! Hobo: Hit the road quick! Enjoy it! Team Cinelli.

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