Monday, April 29, 2013

Backstory this Cinelli and Rider?

Backstory on this Cinelli and rider? Click on image to enlarge.

Photo: courtesy of

Addendum: the answer has been provided: it is Sergio Ferrero, Prince of Muresano, a Cinelli sponsored triathlete in the 1980s. Here is another photo (found on Facebook of DJ Harvey):

And another reader pointed me to this photo of Sergio Ferrero and Andrea Spitzer (Ibiza, mid 1980s):

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  1. The rider looks like a triathlete, to me. No self-respecting roadie would wear a crop-top like that one - not even during the 1980's!

  2. Yeah, I was going to say Borat.

  3. Sergio Ferrero di Murasano and Andrea Spitzer, Ibiza, mid 1980s

  4. Sergio and Andrea are friends, this photoshot is near 87 in Ses Salines Beach, Ibiza island